Join Us

#findthemasks is a global team of volunteers working to build a comprehensive database of PPE needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our global PPE needs map is interactive and constantly evolves in response to our recipients’ needs. We aim to add more usability around our data, and we welcome your thoughts and comments on how we can improve!

Can you help? Our Immediate Volunteer Needs:

Translations - As we move into new countries, we need people who speak the official language(s) to help us check our translations, both for the web page and submission form. We have a machine translation tool implemented, but as you can imagine, the translations are occasionally off ("gown" should not become "dress” in another language :) ). We need your help to check translations and better support our global community!

Engineering & development - If you are a software engineer, QA engineer, UX/UI designer, product manager, data scientist, etc, we need your help:

  • You can find our Github here.
  • To setup your local dev environment, go here
  • Join us on Slack! The link is in our GitHub readme
  • Grab an issue! If you have any questions, message us on the #dev channel

Moderators - All incoming data is moderated by a wonderful team of humans who vet and standardize the information in every PPE request. We receive a large volume of submissions, and our volunteer team of moderators would love your help! We provide ongoing training and support for all new moderators.

Internationalization - As we launch in new countries, we need help from local teams to tailor the mapping tool to every country. If you know a country (your country, perhaps!) that could use our tool, we would love your help to make it available to anyone in need.

Outreach - Individual donors, makerspace communities, manufacturers and suppliers, other grassroots teams, and aid agencies all use our website to visualize how they can address PPE needs. Our outreach team connects with other groups so we can collaborate to close the gap between need and supply. They also develop new categories of healthcare providers and frontline workers that we can help support. If you are passionate about outreach, networking, and helping frontline workers gain visibility, join our outreach team!

None of this would be possible without our volunteer community. Come join our team! If you’re interested, drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to work on!