About us

What is #findthemasks?

#findthemasks is a global mapping tool and interactive directory for PPE needs. Our mission is to enable individuals, communities, makerspace networks, and large-scale manufacturers to engage and assist during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing our frontline healthcare and other essential workers with the personal protective equipment they need to protect themselves.

Who is #findthemasks?

This site was launched on March 19th by Rachel Popkin and has been built and improved upon by many fantastic volunteers worldwide.

The team is made up entirely of volunteers and includes physicians, scientists, physicists, epidemiologists, engineers from tech companies such as DropBox, Amazon, Google, and AmperityImparity, and even professional data moderators based in the Philippines.

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We are happy to offer our skills and do what we can to help in this crisis!

Can I help #findthemasks?

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Where is #findthemasks?

We currently have PPE sites and support in the following countries:

  • United States (EN)
  • Canada (EN, FR)
  • France (EN, FR)
  • Switzerland (EN, DE, FR, IT)
  • Austria (DE)
  • United Kingdom (EN)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Poland (PL)
  • India (EN)

See a missing country or language? Join our translations team or our internationalization team to help us expand #findthemasks to your community!


Rachel Popkin
Albert J. Wong
Nathanael Burt, Saikat Bhadra, Nick Gottlieb, Derek with Ian Baker, Vasu Dalal, Yuhong Wang, Sidharth Kakkar, Jferg, Stephen
Catherine Chang, Charlie Hagedorn, with Marcus Collins, Susan Ashlock
Julia Cohen & Linda Y
Tina Ye, Sumit, Pratap Jayaram, Heather Quintal, Alexa Kaminsky
Media & Comms
Amy Wang, Betty Wang, Selena Chow, Georgie Kemp, Don T

Regional Spotlight: #findthemasks USA

Data Moderators for FindTheMasks-US
  • Cathleya Alzona
  • Chelsea Bartram
  • Liam Bolling
  • Zorayda Cariaso
  • Logan Cho
  • Susan Crayne
  • Jessica Chubak
  • Lionel Dela Paz
  • Delaney Gaughan
  • Elizabeth Mandala
  • Michelle Faeldog
  • John Lee
  • Connie Liou
  • John Milner
  • Sean Nelson
  • Karri Parola
  • Nicholas Pitaro
  • Fran Querdasi
  • Stefanie Van Rafelghem
  • Tiny Ramirez
  • Rehana Rodrigues
  • Sunny Fenton
  • Mark Ferris
  • Gaurav Gupta
  • Rebecca Hubbard
  • Jaclyn
  • Jess Hardie
  • Emily Hirao
  • Brandon Iritani
  • Annie Katherine
  • Sudipta Kar
  • Alexis Lainoff
  • Stefan Rodriguez
  • Andy Saurin
  • Stanley Semilla
  • Jenellee Sencil
  • Daron Sharps
  • Graham Tyler
  • Gregory Wallace
  • Paige Wartko
  • Clint Wiseman
  • Belinda Zhou
#findthemasks Translators

Our webpages are multilingual from the help of a team of dedicated translators!🤗

#findthemasks Emeritus:

#findthemasks could not be where it is today without the amazing community of volunteers worldwide. The following people have contributed to the #findthemasks community & have now returned to helping the world in other ways!❤️